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Summer Programme 2018

June, 2018

Our Summer Programme is back this year.

Juniors Summer Scheme Week
(Young people going into P5-P7)

Monday 23rd-Friday 27th July
£25 for the week or £6 per day
Team Building Games
Lurgaboy Adventure Centre
Sports Coaching
Arts & Crafts

junior summer scheme











Senior Summer Programme

(Young people going into first year +)

Adventure Camp
Cuilcagh Boardwalk (Stairway to Heaven)
Crazy Golf
Giants Causeway
Celebration Event

senior summer scheme

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Regional Director Post at YMCA (Craigavon Area)

May, 2018

Darryn Causby has been positioned as the new Regional Director for the Craigavon Area.

How long have you been involved with YMCA for and what were the different roles you had done?

I was a young member of the YMCA in Portadown since I was 10 years old, I have been a young trustee on the board, a volunteer in the youth club, and in 2004 I joined Portadown YMCA’s staff team. From 2010-2012 I acted as a leader in charge during a very challenging period in Portadown and in 2016 following a 3-year break from Portadown YMCA I was appointed a the center leader in charge. After two very exciting, challenging and rewarding years I have been very humbled and pleased to have been appointed as the new regional director for the Craigavon area responsible for both Portadown and Lurgan YMCA’s.

What are your plans for the next year with YMCA in the region?

There are lots of challenges ahead in the next twelve months, but it is an exciting time for the YMCA. Lurgan and Portadown YMCA’s have fantastic teams of staff and volunteers who are dedicated to supporting young people and to providing opportunities that make a positive impact on their lives. Lurgan has a brilliant new building located in the center of the town making it open and accessible to everyone. Then Portadown is about to embark on an exciting building project that will see the demolition of their Jervis street building and a new modern purpose built youth center being put in its place. So the plan is to see the building project in Portadown started and well underway, we are working to continue to develop the programme of work in Lurgan according to the needs of young people. We plan to continue working on staff development and youth leadership and hope to work closely together in these areas with both local associations. Outside of that God willing Sarah and I will welcome a new addition to our family in early September, so we are busy planning for the arrival of our first baby.

Darryn and Sarah macks wedding


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Making Way For Future Leaders

February, 2018

Over the past number of years we have and still continue to encourage helping young people who have came on board to gain the skills they need to become influential leaders, not only for the programmes that we offer here at the YMCA, but skills they can take back into their own communities and with essential life skills needed to empower young people to make social change in today’s society.

Whether young people come join us for placement or to improve their CV for future jobs, we have provided a platform for them to do so. With going through essential training with other staff members at the YMCA to complete their 200 hours in millennium volunteers, all leading into their completion of OCN Level 2 in Youth Work (in corporation with Portadown YMCA and YMCA Ireland).

YMCA Lurgan is proud of the dedication that is shown in the young people who have taken part in the various training opportunities and their participation does not go unnoticed. Congratulations and Well Done!!

22195695_1519449364802719_176552173297672474_n 26239296_1617079605039694_2791848867609335381_n 26804576_1624068681007453_1143900140942955019_n 26805324_1622979441116377_5928627056281810315_n 27750816_1652301604850827_7557902742297365617_n 27973100_1657868507627470_5019689564699476864_n

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Pancake Tuesday

February, 2018

This week during our Drop In service, it was Pancake Tuesday. We made the pancakes, the young people decorated them.

27750122_1650894574991530_6557169597891663423_n 27858222_1650894121658242_3863863372421777897_n 27973838_1650894628324858_9211268585814939910_n 28056065_1650894694991518_679747037067063100_n 28059200_1650894531658201_8137887263294235212_n

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Happy Valentines Day!!

February, 2018

During our YES and YES+ programme this week we got our young members involved in making Valentines Day cards along with some yummy buns!!! Well done to all those who took part!! Some very creative cards right here.

27752580_1652301508184170_2949426374990294394_n 27857922_1652301901517464_3750373670896362115_n 27858418_1652301851517469_2139248302105244627_n 27867143_1652301978184123_3662509751999683203_n 27973141_1652301738184147_384241858367365228_n 28056818_1652302061517448_3742844761424885015_n


This programme is funded by Children In Need

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New Phase 2 Launch with BBC

January, 2016

New Phase 2 BBC Children in Need Developmental Programme:

On the 4th January 2016 Lurgan YMCA launched their new Phase 2, Adventure Youth Work Development Programme.  Birthed out of Phase 1 the new work will build on tested models of practice but rise to new levels of development.

Funded by BBC Children in Need this programme will have a focus of 4 key areas:

1.  Youth Development – helping young people to make the right choices to reach their full potential for life and work.

2.  Adventure – using outdoors and other activities like canoeing, climbing, Duke of Ed award etc to develop skills, resourcefulness, resilience develop relationships, self-esteem and confidence.

3.  Work with disabilities – we have worked with Autistic youth over the past 3 years and we are increasing the numbers of youth and also engaging them in adventure projects.  We are training up our staff team currently to facilitate young people with disabilities enjoy climbing and paddlesport.

4.  Mainstream youth work – this is where we make contact with young people on the streets or youth centre, address issues on health, anti-social behavior,accredited courses, develop hobbies or sports, where they socialise with friends and have safe fun.  They also learn to cook, use cameras and go on trips and camps.

New Adventure Youth Development Worker:

Jonny & YES-10

To develop and run phase 2 of the BBC/YMCA programme a new JNC qualified youth worker, who has certification in canoeing and climbing, stated employment with us in January.  His name is Jonny Hill.  He ran programmes and training at Greenhill YMCA Outdoor Adventure Centre in Newcastle Co. Down before joining Lurgan YMCA.  Jonny is currently developing climbing programmes and a club for young people.  He will drive Duke of Ed, and has a specific role in developing activities like climbing in our indoor climbing wall with disabled youth.  He is responsible for our YES programme on Wednesday nights where most of the young people have Autism or other disability.

New Opportunities for Youth People with Learning and Physical Disabilities!

Jonny & YES-11

We are currently recruiting new young people to our YES and YES + programmes.  These programme offer safe, fun and enjoyable space for young people with disabilities to socialise with a wide range of abilities and our staff and volunteers.  They have a full programme each Wednesday night form 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs.  Also they will get to do other activities like climbing or canoeing with trained and qualified personnel.  This is a great opportunity for young people who are often isolated or excluded because of the disability.  YMCA aims to remove the barrier by focusing on a “Participation for All” approach and that includes adventure activities.

YES – 13-17 yrs

YES – 18 to 25 yrs.

Volunteers Needed Too!

Jonny & YES-12

To be able to make these programmes operate we need many volunteers.  We have 2 levels of volunteer with these programmes.  Adults and Junior leaders or Buddies as we call them.   Young Buddies are local youth who just want to do something useful, or as part of their Duke of Ed, building points for UCAS or the Millennium Award .  They get training and a great sense of achievement for giving up 2 hour per-week.  Also they have full access to other YMCA activities like youth club, camping, climbing etc.  The photo above show a couple of the Buddies socialising with an young man with Down’s Syndrome; one of our star members.  The young man in the middle of the photo has grown in social confidence since becoming a Buddy.  He has gone from being shy to a very social young man and is no longer afraid to speak to anyone who may be different from him.  He made the correct choice, he has developed good relations with people different from himself and as a result his social self-esteem and confidence in life has grown; that is what Lurgan YMCA is all about.

If you, our if you know someone who could volunteers please get in touch with us, we are ready to meet you and invite you to come see what is involved before you commit.

How to get in touch:

For YES:      Contact Jonny Hill – Ph: 028-3832 1025 –

For YES+     Contact Jamie Stoddart – Ph: 028-3832 1025 –

Call in any time or arrange with Jonny or Jamie to call up on Wednesday night.

We want to here from you, we want your child to benefit from our unique programmes or for you or them to volunteer.

If you are are a responsible adult and have a disability, but you would like to volunteer, talk to us!  It good to talk!

Jonny & YES-9

Please get in touch, we are ready to meet you and meet some of our young stars!!!



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October, 2015

Winter Programme for Seniors between October and December 2015

Winter Programme for Seniors between October and December 2015

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Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award

October, 2015

As part of Y-Time My Time, young people get the opportunity to do their Duke of Edinburgh Award which is a very well known accreditation within the UK and Ireland. These lads spent the past year completing the different stages of the Award and we treated them to a night out in Belfast.


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Summer 2015

July, 2015



A view from the top of Cave Hill

A view from the top of Cave Hill

YMCA and Links Workers

YMCA and Links Workers





11752138_881189671962028_4086519451837434172_n 11209509_881189718628690_8205821173190339640_n Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015 Donegal camp 2015 Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015


No mountain to high or valley to Low!

August, 2016




No mountain to high or valley to Low for the YES bunch of adventures!

Young people living with leaning & physical needs and active members of our YES group planned a day at Tollymore Forest Part early August 2016.   The day was about 4 things:

1. Fun!

2. Personal development through adventure!

3. Social development through working and eating together!

4. Giving us at Lurgan YMCA feedback on what they get from and think of their YMCA.

Working with young people with learning needs takes a special approach and skill set to let them experience adventure and also source information from them so we know what they feel and what they enjoy and want to do.  Lurgan YMCA is committed to running programmes and activities that meet the personal and social development needs of all our users and that includes our YES young people.

Our day trip to Tollymore Forest Park, was one of those days where we had fun, adventure and got valued feedback the difference the YES programmes make to their lives.   So follow the picture below to see how their day went and what they told us!


Adjusted YES 1 6 16-3

Welcome to our YES group and day out!

Note:  Click on any photo below to enlarge…

Slide1       Slide2     Slide3


Slide4    Slide5       Slide6


Slide7         Slide8       Slide9



Thanks for taking the time to share our day, we all hope you enjoyed it!



Summer Has Kicked Off

July, 2016

Summer 2016 has officially kicked off in the YMCA. Firstly with our Adventure Camp which took place over a four day period doing different activities from bouldering to climbing to walking along Murlough Beach into Newcastle.  Then shortly after we moved onto our second activity which was Games on the beach and Free time (amusements and ice cream mostly). We do this to give young people the opportunity to try different things that they may have never done before and even go to places that they have never done before. So far, our Summer Programme has proven to be a huge success!!

There is still time to get involved with us over the next few weeks. Anyone going into P5 right up to the age of 17, there are various opportunities to get involved. For more info, Like us on facebook or contact us today to find out what opportunities there are.

Head over to our Photos where you can get a taste of what we have done so far in summer 2016 and also looking back on past summers.


The summer programme is funded by various funders. Thank you Big Lottery Fund, Children in Need and Education Authority for these funds.

YMCA partnered with the Southern Health Trust

June, 2016

YMCA partnered with the Southern Health Trust

We provided respite programmes for carers of young people with learning difficulties.

We provided two 6 week programmes

The outcome made a real difference as it provided respite to over 25 adults for 2.5hrs a week.

IMG_0666 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

The pictures above is one memorable session of Yoga on the roof top of our building with the sun splitting the skies.

Comment from a Carer about the programme.

“Being a Carer of a child with Autism, I have had to leave my professional job to help care for

him and meet his needs. Being a very active person having to stay at home I find isolating.

The Care 4 Carers programme has been a great experience, it has not only helped me

reduce the level of stress I am constantly under, but has allowed me to meet other mothers

who understand the daily struggles. The programme has given me the weekly strength that I

need to manage all the difficulties with my child. The sessions have been well organised,

planned and delivered meeting everyone’s needs.” A thankful parent.


The are many way to make a difference in the life of a young person, supporting parents and carers is one of those ways.

Community Family Fun Day 25 June 16

June, 2016

Community Family Fun Day

This is a fun day for all families form all communities

Saturday 25 June 2016 from 1000 – 1600 hrs, come anytime and for a long as you want.

The staff and young people are running a fund raiser day of adventure activities, fun games, photo booth, food and drink and more.

Cost is £15 per family. You can’t buy a carry out for that, so come alone and support a good cause while having fun with your kids.

See our flyer below with all the activities we are offering.


So all you have to do is get the kids into the car or walk down to the YMCA, have a fun day while supporting our young people with their fund raiser.

See you on the 25 June!

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