“Making a Difference! – Lurgan Retailers,

June, 2016

YMCA Serving Lurgan for 30 years

Offer to Local Retailers to Partner with us & “Make a Difference” over the next 12 months!

£10K challenge for staff and young people to support programmes over the next 12 months!!  “Your YMCA needs your help”

YMCA staff on the streets for Lurgan town week 6-9 June 2016.

During the week 6-9 June 2016 Lurgan YMCA Board have authorised 2 senior staff members to walk the streets of Lurgan and talk to local shops and retailers about helping us make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young people over the next 12 months.  Young people who would otherwise be hanging around on the streets getting into trouble, drinking alcohol or taking drugs.  Also we need support to develop our work with young people living with impairments like Autism, Downs Syndrome and other physical disabilities.  So if Hugo Dale (CEO) and Jamie Stoddart (Youth Worker) call in with you this week, be sure to take them up on the offer for your business to make a difference in your town.

(Official Identity – both workers will have ID cards).

Me June 16                    JS

 Hugo Dale (CEO)                                                              Jamie Stoddart (Youth Worker)

How you can help!

We would like you to partner with us over the following 12 months and “make a difference” this year in the lives of many young people. In doing so, you will make a valued contribution to positive change in local kids lives and support us to provide a wide range of events for local kids and families in Lurgan including:

  • Schools activities and events.
  • A 2 day, 30 mile canoes fundraising trip organised by the young people.
  • A summer “Peace Camp”, looking at good relations for 40+ youth.
  • Special needs youth adventure activities week (unique to Lurgan).
  • A summer scheme for youth who are vulnerable to risk taking.
  • A summer scheme for youth living with impairments (learning/physical).
  • A Community Family Fun day at our centre on 25 June.


To help us make our £10,00 target, we have created a “donation scale level table” and would ask you to pick one of the levels you feel your business can best support.    However, knowing you are “making a difference” to young people in Lurgan is something to be proud of too.

Donation Scale Level Certificate: Donation level:
Diamond              = £1000
Platinum              = £500
Gold                      = £300
Silver                     = £200
Bronze                  = £100
Pewter                  = £50
Nickel                     = £25

What you get out of it – In return for making a valued donation to Lurgan YMCA to support our events and funding target, you will receive:

  1. If a Diamond giver, 1 year free membership for 2 people to our indoor climbing wall; a great way to stay fit and also see what we do.
  2. If a Platinum giver, 1 year free membership for 1 person or 6 month for 2 people.
  3. Acknowledgement in the Lurgan Mail when we advertise our summer scheme & services.
  4. An invite to our Community Family Fun Day 25 June to set up a small table to market your services and show the community you’re making a difference.
  5. An A4 certificate to match the level of your donation to hand in your premises that will show customers you are making a difference in Lurgan.
  6. Your business name erected in our centre to match the level of your donation, demonstrating to our users the support we receive from local business people like you.
  7. A receipt for your donation so you can offset it against business tax.
  8. Recognition on our website over the next 12 months.
  9. Future information about how we make a difference in young people lives.
  10. A sense of standing with Lurgan YMCA to “Make a Difference” to many of the 5000+ people we serve each year.


We also have other limited large scale business advertising opportunities for outdoor signage overseeing the Tesco carpark and Millennium road areas; premium advertising locations.  I you are interested in this level of advertising space or if you would like to talk more about what we do, people we help or have questions on how best to give or support our work, please contact me at the office to arrange a meeting to discuss options further or seek clarity on anything in this letter.


I look forward to hearing from you and having you join in our success over the 12 month.


Kind Regards,



Hugo Dale


Lurgan YMCA

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