Climbing – Positive Choices for young people in Lurgan

October, 2015

Summer months are great for taking indoor climbers outside to climb on rock.  Over the summer we took our indoor climbing group outside to introduce them to rock climbing.

Day 1 - this was their first introductory to rock climbing and we used a quarry which provided a safe and controlled environment.

Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015         Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015

This is Tiarnan.  He is a young 16 yr old indoor climbing wall enthusiast.  He have been climbing for about 1 year and loves it.

Climbing is one of the “positive choices” Tiarnan makes which keeps him safely off the streets each week and doing something that is developing his skills.

He is part of our new youth development work and has great potential to be a climbing leader in the future.  School is not his strong point but we have demonstrated through climbing that Tiarnan is a very fast learner.  He is a visual and kinesthetic learner.

This was his first time on the rocks and it challenged him a lot.  It was what he needed to inspire him to develop more and it did just that.  He can’t wait for day 2.

Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015        Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015

Scott is 14 yrs old and enjoys climbing.  This was also his first time out on the rocks and while he is competent on indoor walls, all the extra technical kit gave him something new to focus on.

Climbing and other YMCA activities has helped him make friends and develop his social skills.  He is more willing now to talk to others he does not know.

Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015       Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015

Bethany is 15 yrs old and has learning needs.  She does not let that define her in any way.  She is a regular climber of our indoor wall.  Climbing for her is 3 things:

1.  It enables her to make a positive decision for her life to get out and do interesting and fun things that develops her abilities.

2.  She gets to make new friends and develop relationships with others who have and those who do not have learning needs.  She also attends our YES programme.

3.  It builds up her self-esteem and confidence.


Making positive choices, developing and maintaining good relations with others and building self-esteem and confidence is what Lurgan YMCA programmes are all about for all our young people.  So make a positive choice today, come and join in the fun at Lurgan YMCA.

Rock climbing day 1 intro 2015

This programme has been made possible by Big Lottery, BBC Children in Need and SportNI.



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