Christmas Miracle at the YMCA

December, 2015

We all love mystical tales, stories and hope for a miracle!

To celebrate the end of our phase 1 YES programme, we had an awesome Christmas party and we also had a Christmas miracle.  At this time of the year, many love the story of the greatest miracle, the baby Jesus coming to us as a gift from God, our miracle at YES, while not as significant, none the less, brought out happy smiles.  So what was it??  We had the Frozen People come to YES!  I can hear you asking why is that a miracle, well December 2015 is hailed the warmest since records began and not one of the Frozen People melted, not even one puddle on the floor, now that is a miracle!

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YES is for local young people with learning or other disabilities.  It is where disabled young people can enjoy independent socialisation, form friendships and relationships and grow in confidence.  YES gives this special group of young people the opportunity to leave the isolation of home and have good fun doing arts & crafts, dancing, playing games, going on trips and dancing with characters like the Frozen People.

Arts & Crafts, a big hit!

Art & crafts is very popular with our YES youth.  It is very social, young people get to meet other mainstream youth and adult.  The interaction is more challenging for some, but it means a lot to have someone just sit with them and colour in a “Santa picture”.

YES 2015-35   YES 2015-34   YES 2015-31   YES 2015-30 YES 2015-29   YES 2015-28   YES 2015-25   YES 2015-24 YES 2015-23   YES 2015-22   YES 2015-21   YES 2015-20   YES 2015-19

There is a wide range of activities, large groups games and also games like play station, pool and computer games.  This helps the young people to socialise with focusing on how to operate the console.  It help with motor skills, communication skills and builds relationships.  Confidence and self-esteem grows week after week.

YES 2015-27   YES 2015-32   YES 2015-33   YES 2015-26

Celebrating the end!

Indeed we are celebrating the end of phase 1 of our YES programme.  The reason is we are going to launch a new phase 2 YES and YES+ programmes in January 2016.  We are going to run these programmes together: YES for 13-17 yr olds and YES 18-25 yr olds.  Thanks to BBC Children in Need we have another 3 years of funding for YES and we have recruited some new volunteers plus prioritised a staff member role to run YES+.  There will be more activities with a focus on using adventure activities with young people with learning and other disability needs.  More on that next year.  If you have a young person or know of a young person that would benefit form YES, please get in touch “now!”

Sadly we say goodbye to Katie who ran the programme for the past year.  She did and exemplary job and was loved by all.  We have learned a lot about this type of work which was piloted by Brenton our first project worker and then Kathy; both now have moved on.  The YES young people wanted to say thank you to Katie with a big cake.  However, we will see her again at YES to support our new worker who start in January; his name is Jonny.

YES 2015-29   YES 2015-3   YES 2015-2   YES 2015-5 YES 2015-4   YES 2015  Staff team of 2015  YES 2015-6


Happy Christmas to all 

The Frozen people had to leave, we were all very sad, but I am sure 2016 will have many characters come to visit our YES and YES+ programmes.  We would love to see Pudsey come to visit YES; fingers and toes crossed.  The team are a very friendly bunch, if you can colour in, sit and talk to a young person, play or run a game, then our team and the young people really would love you to contact us.  Two + hours per-week of your time will change a young person’s life, come on, why don’t you become the miracle for these lovely young people in 2016; I wait for your call.  Happy Christmas from us all.


This programme would not be possible without the support of BBC Children in Need.  Thank you!

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