We are a youth organisation that since 1986 has focused on marginalised disadvantaged youth (10 – 20+ years) at risk from drugs, alcohol, smoking, bad relationships, sectarianism, sectarian violence, anti-social behaviour, dysfunctional family life and associated poor mental health.

At present we have a small full time staff team supported by about 10+ volunteers. We are a charitable company limited by guarantee and our Board of Directors is made up of local business people, teachers, housewives and retired citizens.

Our Aim:

To address the personal and social development of at-risk young people in an active cross community context in order to improve their quality of life. Youth participation and leadership development are an integral part of our approach.

Our Objectives:

  • To address the immediate needs of local youth, focusing on anti-social behaviours.
  • To involve youth in community relations and cross community/cross border projects.
  • To address issues relevant to the political and racial polarisation of the town.
  • To target organisations within the community, which influence youth, to get involved with us in building lasting peace in Lurgan through cross community and community relations work.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is that Lurgan will become a town where people from all communities live together in peace and actively work to maintain good relations. A town where citizens are intolerent towards discrimination and injustice and where adults engender social change by modelling good citizenship to young people.

Our Mission:

Inspire young people to reach their full potential in spirit, mind & body and to build good relations and social inclusion within our community inclusion within our community.

Our Values: 

The Christian faith is central to all aspects of our work. It holds us accountable to the Biblical imperative of peace and reconciliation and to ainterior-35-300x200 healing role in our divided society.Young People
Young people are our primary focus. We value their voice and participation in all developments and we are committed to developing their full potential as citizens in a safe, fun environment.Community focus
We seek to expand our youth work to include the whole family and other key stakeholders in the development of young people.
We treat everyone equally regardless of disability, gender, ethnic background or religion.Diversity 
We value and celebrate diversity and believe that respect for diversity is an important aspect of good citizenship.Interdependence
We recognise our interdependence as individuals and organisations and seek to deliver our vision and mission in partnership and collaboration with all relevant individuals and agencies.Principled Leadership
We will promote and uphold honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability and the active involvement of young people in all aspects of the management and delivery of our programmes.

Where we are:

Historically we operated out of 3 centres: 2 polarised youth centres and 1 computer suite on the interface. In July 2007 we closed ourexterior-21-300x200 polarised centres and reopened the interface site as a youth centre for all local young people respective of religion or race.
We have recently purchased a building site in Carnegie Street overlooking Tesco’s car park and we plan to have our new building up by early 2010. This new site will create a space that all sectors of the community can share to work towards a more inclusive society.

To find out more about the new building, click here.

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Call us: +44 (0)28 3832 1025
Email us: info@ymcalurgan.com
Find us: YMCA Lurgan
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